Collection: Red Mittens x Royaltea

When the Dionisio’s freezer broke during quarantine and no repairman was available at the time, the family decided to cook a dozen chickens gifted to them by a family friend. They roasted all the chickens and gave it to relatives and close friends, who wanted to order more and asked if there were other foods they could offer as well. This led to the start of Red Mittens, where they began branding their products.
Red Mittens is a real family venture - sales are handled by sisters Razielle and Christine alongside sister-in-law Vireza, while matriarch Adela’s recipes are the basis of all their delicious offerings. The Dionisios prep all their delicious and quality meals from the family’s home kitchen.
3 products
  • Cheese Roll
  • Sushi Bake
  • Baked Cookies